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If you are looking for round bale covers, hay covers, hay bags, Bale bonnets, Slip Ons, Superbonnets, or hay stretch film for hay covers, we have what you need. Round bale covers such as Slip Ons, Bale Bonnets, Superbonnets, and Bale Bags are hay covers for round bales of hay. Slip Ons and Bale bonnets are hay covers for round bale storage. Bale Bags store and protect high moisture hay also referred to as haylage. Hay covers such as Slip Ons and Bale Bonnets are affordable and durable. Superbonnets are another form of Bale Bonnets hay covers and are easy to use. Round bale sleeves such as Slip Ons or Scottsman are proven round bale hay cover solutions. Look at the following information for all of your hay cover solutions; round bale covers, hay covers, hay bags or haylage bags, Bale Bonnets, Slip Ons, Superbonnets, or hay stretch film for hay covers.


Now Slip-Ons/Bale Bonnet offers three simple, proven, easy-to-use systems for practical storage of round bales in all-weather conditions. All three employ specially compounded plastic sheets created to resist the effects of sun, rain and snow as no ordinary plastic sheet can. One of these systems will fit your operation, and they are all cost effective. They pay for themselves and deliver first-year profits on investment.


According to university calculations, the outside 4 inches of a 6 foot diameter round bale contains 20.9 percent of the total hay in the bale. Using 20 percent as a rule of thumb, 4" of spoilage on a 6' round bale weighing 1,500 pounds amounts to a loss of 300 pounds of hay. At $80 per ton for good hay, that loss amounts to $12 for a conservative estimate.


In the presence of hay bale moisture, bacteria and fungus thrive, eating up the most easily digestible nutrients. Combining the bleaching effects of the sun, with the nutrient destructive capabilities of microrganisms, is a sure way to destroy up to one-third of the nutrient value of the crop. Only the innermost portion of the bale remains nutritious, and the animal is forced to eat moldy hay to get there. The health and growth effects on the animal are obvious. Productive growth in beef herds is slowed. In dairy herds, milk production is reduced and reproduction problems may develop. Slip-Ons/Bale Bonnet protected hay can deliver herd health and greater productivity.


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